100 pages of 


short stories,


and poems.




Stories include:

Dead Coffee

The Old Gastronomer

Knit Bone

The Hounds


We Are Gonna Get Out Of Here

Maybe right now I hope you never see these.

Maybe you hope the same thing, though you don’t even know it.

Maybe in the future you will wish you had seen these sooner.

Maybe I will regret publishing them.

Maybe I will wish that instead,

I had sent them to you in a thick envelope sealed with wax and a song

And the smudge of a dream I once had while lying next to you.

At any rate, here they are.


Maybe you will read them and never know they are yours.

“We Are Gonna Get Out Of Here by Alice LeFae is poetic

storytelling at its most vulnerable.  To read the poems individually is to feel a brief sense of raw emotion; but when read as a collection, Alice manages to draw the reader into an honest conversation about life, love, obsession, and hope.  The scattered illustrations, also created by the author, help tell the story and bring a bit of whimsy into what could be a very dark journey.  Although her collection is certainly not short of despair (and sometimes even desperation), there remains a glimmer of hope throughout.  Alice does not shy away from reality, but faces it head-on and brings the reader along for the ride.  Read the book from cover to cover, or turn to a random page and enjoy a snippet at a time, or do both.  It’s the real thing, and it leaves you with the desire for the next chapter, the next story, or at the very least, the next poem.”

-Lorie Finger, Universe’s Coolest Librarian

© 2023 by Alice LeFae