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Did you set your New Year’s Resolutions? Are you prepared to stick to them? Did you pretend to make them, tell people you did, and really just lick the Cheeto dust from your fingers while clicking ‘next episode’ on Stranger Things, which you’ve already binge-watched five times so far? This year? I won’t tell. I’m no snitch.

I was feeling ambitious this year, so I made a few. I’ll share my main one with you, but the rest I’ll keep to myself- for both our sakes.

My New Year’s Resolution for 2018 is: Less.

Less what? Less everything, really.

And, because I know the kind of positive people who follow my various ramblings, I’m gonna head this one off here: yeah, you’re right, the word ‘less’ has negative connotations, most of the time. I should be choosing a more positive word to repeat to myself. Personal resolutions are about what feels good to each individual, though, and this feels good to me.

Maybe because I live in a city where everything is movement and noise and feeling every day all day from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep and even at three am you hear the sounds of your neighbors knocking at the walls in your dreams and then at seven pm you sit on the train on the way home all you can feel is how sad the girl next to you is as she tries not to cry and you don’t know how to help and then the showtime guys get on the train car and almost kick you in the face while some sleazeball is trying to cop a feel off the woman holding onto the same pole as him while the conductor makes some banal announcement about protecting yourself over the crackling and nearly useless speakers and you just need things to be a little…


It feels like a breath of fresh air, I tell ya.

So my New Year’s resolution is less, and it’s less of a lot of things:

-Less makeup. Give that skin a break, yo!

-Less drinking. This one is less drinking as a whole for the year 2018, and no drinking for January. None. Zip. I’m not expecting this one to be difficult for me, but we’ll see how it goes!

-Less junk food.

-Less hair. I ended up cutting my hair on January 1st mostly because I broke the last working hair clip I had left, and it just didn’t feel worth it to keep fighting with my frizzy, out of control, tempestuous disaster of a head of hair. Bye, bitch. (Please note: this does not extend to shaving. Less shaving 2k18, y’all!)

-Less STUFF. A person only really needs one of each necessity. Use it until it gets worn down or busted up, then either repair it or replace it. Most things can be repaired. As for the things you want, well. You’ll live without them.

-Less getting hit by cars. It is day 3, and the cars are getting restless. They miss the scent of fresh blood.

-Less regret. Oh, god, the cliche of it all! Truly, though, everything bad that’s happened has one key element- past tense. It’s over. Learn, let that shit go, and move on.

-Less binge watching.

-Less waste. Almost everything on this list will add up to producing less waste, which is a bonus- and I’d like to challenge myself to be even more conscious of what I consume and dispose of.

-Less dependence on others.

-Less needless spending.

-Less negativity.

-Less wasting time.

-Less seriousness.

I’ve got my next few blog posts planned out in which I’ll give you a lil summary of how I’m tackling less, so keep an eye out for those.

Feel free to share your New Year’s Resolutions in the comments, or take them with you to the grave! 2018 is yours to do with as you please! The world is your oyster!

One last lil thing: I threw together a playlist on Spotify called

. It’s got some pretty great music on it, if you’re into that sort of thing, and a couple of my embarrassing favorites.


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