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Undaine-on-the-Sea is a single-season podcast coming soon. 

Somewhere in the world, there is a small and secluded fishing village with harsh winters, hot summers, weird locals, and its own strange brand of magic. Surely there are a few fishing villages that match this description, but the best of these by far is Undaine on the Sea. 

It has all of the things you would expect to find in a fishing village- a harbor, a market, a small and unreliable transit system, a thriving population of cats, windchimes made from rusty old spoons, and a general odor of ocean. 

IMG_1748 2.jpg

It also has a few unexpected delights. 

One of these is a bakery that makes loaves of bread in the shape of fish with glazed scales so realistic you’d never know it wasn’t a fish until you bit into it. This occasionally leads to a bit of confusion and some very experimental dishes. 


The selkie community is thriving, their pelts protected fiercely by the locals. One selkie even works at the bakery. Perhaps she’s the reason the fish loaves are so realistic. 


It has carp the size of cows that swim through the air and are raised and farmed and loved like members of the family. It is not uncommon to see a carp ambling through the air with a child or three on its back, all laughing and squealing with delight. 


There are births here, and weddings. Funerals and mysterious disappearances, the occasional crime. It’s just like any other village, really, except for all the ways it isn’t.


But of course, you know all this. You’ve lived here your whole life. 

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